Broadspectrum identifies opportunities for indigenous talent

Broadspectrum has committed to employing an additional 450 Indigenous workers as one of the 11 Australian Indigenous Employment Parity Initiative (IEPI) providers.

In order to achieve this goal, Broadspectrum is working across its industries, especially the Defence Base Service contracts, and with community organisations to identify opportunities of employment for Indigenous talent.

One of these community organisations is Indigenous owned A.R.T. Resource Services Pty Ltd (Aboriginal Recruitment Training and Employment), which partners with Broadspectrum to provide Facilities Maintenance services to Defence in SA. In addition, Broadspectrum is promoting sustainable partnerships with Indigenous and local suppliers.

Broadspectrum’s IEPI was signed between the organisation and the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet in May 2016 and has achieved several goals. Over the past year, Broadspectrum’s relationship with A.R.T. alone has employed four Indigenous people. Raymond Landers and Ernest Gollan have moved into direct employment as members of Broadspectrum’s Arborist and Grounds Maintenance team, while Greg Taylor and Kailen Butler remain on contract with A.R.T.

Broadspectrum’s Indigenous Employment Coordinator in SA, Bessie Crozier, said: “I am thrilled to partner with A.R.T. Resource Services to help with our recruitment needs in the Defence Base Service contracts. As a company that actively promotes Indigenous employment, it’s important we collaborate with providers with strong connections to Indigenous communities - they work closely with local job seekers to help them develop the skills and experience needed to participate in the workforce.”

Working with organisations such as A.R.T. across Australia enables Broadspectrum to extend its reach into community groups it might not otherwise access.

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