F1 in Schools invited to PAC 2012

The F1 in Schools Technology Challenge has been invited to exhibit at next week’s Pacific International Maritime Exposition, the major international maritime, naval and defence-related event in the Asia Pacific region.

F1 in Schools tasks students with designing, making and racing 80 km/h scale race cars.

Students as young as 11 learn complex engineering theories - such as aerodynamics, computational fluid dynamics and finite element analysis -as taught in the latter stages of university degree courses. 

“REA is all about raising up a new generation of innovators and technicians with a “No-one said we couldn’t” attitude”, says Founder and Chief Executive Michael Myers.

“We inspire, equip and mentor young people to pursue an engineering, technical or manufacturing-related career path.

“The defence industry - especially Navy - will involve many of the biggest engineering projects in the nation.

We’re at the Pacific International Maritime Expo to show industry that a new generation of highly skilled, confident young people are on their way...and that the Defence Materiel Organisation provides exciting opportunities for engineers, technicians, scientists and manufacturers.

“We are developing careers that build a nation.

“Engineers and scientists live in the future. They take an idea and turn it into reality.”

The REA display will include the coveted solid glass Bernie Ecclestone Trophy won by Australia at the F1 in Schools World Finals.

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