Orion Solar lights up Kiribati airport

Queensland lighting company Orion Solar has installed a lighting system at Kiribati's Bonriki International Airport in only eight weeks.

The Government of Kiribati placed an order with the company on the 1st May this year and Orion handed over the complete system, including runway, threshold, taxiway, and apron lighting on June 21st, making the project one of the fastest implementations of airfield lighting in the world.

Orion is the regional distributor for Carmanah Technologies, world leaders in self-contained airport lighting that is able to withstand the harshest conditions and operate independent of electrical infrastructure.

The lighting is easy to instal and requires virtually no maintenance for around seven years on average.

Kiribati is now served reliably by two international carriers and local operators can plan for departure from outer islands closer to last light knowing they are guaranteed a safe arrival at Bonriki.


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