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Hall & Watts specialises in the production and supply of Opto-mechanical instruments and is well known to Defence Forces worldwide.

Proud of its position in the defence optics industry, it continues to provide high quality products, technical and training support as it has done for many decades.

Innovative, simple, yet cost effective designs of products have been identified as major factors in their success together with a thorough understanding of the military market through specially selected personnel in engineering, sales and product support areas within the company.

Hall & Watts have offices in the UK, Dubai and Australia, and are represented in over 20 countries worldwide.

They are official agent and distributors for Elcan Optical Technologies and Vectronix AG, offering products and services spanning 5 Continents.

A Hall & Watts artillery sighting system. Credit H&W A Hall & Watts artillery sighting system in service on the L118/L119 105 mm light gun. Credit: H&W

Hall & Watts has manufactured and supplied Optical Instruments for over 66 years, and continues to do so with the highest levels of commitment and expertise.

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